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Even if (like me) you’re not big on phone contesting, at least look for club members on
the cluster and give a call!

Your alternative contest is LZ DX–usually lots of activity and a good
tune-up for CQ WW, with an easy exchange.

Local times: 7am Sat-6:59am Sun
Bands: 80-10
Modes: CW, SSB or mixed
Exchange: RST+ITU zone (8)
Multipliers: Zones + LZ districts, per band (not countries)
Scoring: Work everyone, per band, per mode. 10 pts LZ’s, 3 pts between continent, 1 pt own continent
Assistance: Cluster OK

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  1. TNX for pushing the on-the-air agenda, Dave. W1XX will be QRV for Sweepstakes Phone this weekend: Multi with W1XX & K1XA ops as per usual. Hope to work many of the CTRI gang. GL all. 73. — John, W1XX

  2. WB2VVV was QRV operating Search/Pounce only and just tuning up/down the 20/40/75 meter bands without any assistance, and running an amp to help with band conditions. It’s always nice to hear old friends on the air and be able to say hi, but I’m always left wondering about those folks I never heard. I sure hope they’re well. Ended up with 245 QSOs and 36,750 points according to the log.

  3. Tnx John, and I ended up not getting in at all, between a cold and a lot of activities coinciding with the SS schedule. I did get on for LZ DX a bit.

  4. Call: W1XX
    Ops: K1XA W1XX
    Station: W1XX

    Class: Multi-op HP
    QTH: RI
    Op Time: 24 hrs

    Band QSOs
    80: 341
    40: 706
    20: 367
    Total 1414 QSOs Sections = 83 Score = 234,724

    Club: CTRI Contest Group

    Comments: 20 meters was not the usual endless wealth of callers calling in. Rapid
    QSB would take out stations in mid-call. Lotsa fills, weak callers from the west coast and
    fewer callers. 40 picked up the slack, but not enough to match last year’s score. But everyone
    in the north east and elsewhere had the same problem. We’re hanging in there at 7th on 3830
    Scores. Clean sweep was nice to get. Heard/worked some of the CTRI gang. Biggest surprise
    was to be called by NG1Mike from his home station. Had fun and nice to have 2 ops instead of one. 73.

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