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Looks like a rainy week for antenna work…but I guess we can enjoy an undistracted Thanksgiving this year. K index of 0 today, maybe it will hold.

I listened to Randy K5ZD give his tips for this at Boxboro. Of course he’s all about getting a 7-figure score for YCCC, but I know many of us post for YCCC anyhow in this one. So he says go HP Assisted and spend lots of hours :). But he had some scheduling ideas to consider even in a casual effort–

–20 should be open to Europe by 1100z
–Keep an eye on 15 bcz we may get an opening in NE that the rest of the US misses. I can say that 15 was surprisingly good Saturday in LZ DX around 14z and may have been open sooner.
–Go to 40 early. I did not think it was so great this past weekend but in WW there are a lot more super-stations active over there so I could be under-estimating. Eu will be there all day at some level.
–He claimed that he loses patience after 3 minutes of un-answered CQ’s. And that, at least, I could completely sympathize with. 🙂
–And, have FUN!

–Dave K1SX

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  1. I hope to put in several hours. It’s been a very busy week with little sleep last night and much to do to get W1DX ready late this afternoon. Thankfully most of the equipment appears functional and beverages seem OK despite not having walked the wires down through the lower 40. Hearing EU on 160M at 2300 is a good sign. Hope to work you!
    73, John W1AN

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