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Boxboro Items Needed List
Boxboro Items Needed List avatar

I’ve posted in the files section of yahoo an excel spread sheet in the
folder “Boxboro 2010- Items to Bring” with reminders for items you may
have volunteered or wish to bring to Boxboro. You can post back with
your contributions or questions and I will update the list.or you may be
able to do it yourself. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there!

2010 CTRI CG Boxboro Item Tracker

2-Meter FM Simplex Challenge
2-Meter FM Simplex Challenge avatar

By John Lindholm, W1XX, CTRI Contest Group Contest Manager

For the past two years CTRI has sponsored the Ocean State 2-Meter FM Simplex Challenge. It has provided an opportunity especially for stations 2-meter FM bound to get a taste of contesting. As in EC in RI EmComm, I see this is a potential plus for furthering the skills of RI’s ARES operators. If it has accomplished this, I would have to judge only modestly so. In last year’s Challenge, were it not for W1WBB (w/KW2G), KA1BNO, and myself (as KA1RI) operating rover stations, activity would have been relatively sparse. An EnComm shout-out by K1NPT in Newport also did much to activate East Bay. This is a CTRI sponsored event. Do we want to continue? Is it worth continuing?

Before I get too negative, I want to throw out an idea in the positive direction for consideration. But before I do that, I want to caution that all ideas are not good ones. I have seen a tendency for the club in the past to embrace any wild concept thrown out there….maybe not to hurt someone’s feelings. So before you say “Yeah, let’s do it,” please ask yourself will you participate and also realize that some work needs to be done in advance to give it a chance to be successful.

So here goes. CTRI is not just an “Ocean State” club. Although it has tentacles that reach out to Vermont, Arizona, western Connecticut and God knows where else, it is primarily a Rhode Island and eastern Connecticut based club. So why not expand the contest to include Windham and New London Counties in Connecticut and rename the activity the CTRI 2-Meter FM Simplex Challenge? There are 21 city/towns in New London County and 15 in Windham County. This would almost double the number of multipliers. Besides a commitment of substantial activity from our CT brethren in the club, we would need to get some positive signs from other sources in CT such as the SEC and SM. Mobile (rover) activity is essential for success not only in CT but also in RI.

I welcome your thoughtful comments on the reflector. Please be sure this does not in any way divide us as CT vs. RI. Please observe my admonition regarding “good ideas.” This could be discussed at our next meeting. 73!!!

CTRI Contest Group Champions 2009 – 2010
CTRI Contest Group Champions 2009 – 2010 avatar

CTRI Contest Group Champions

2009 – 2010

1. Objective: The 21 major contests of the year feature a club competition. To maximize the CTRI standing amongst other clubs, the CTRI club member(s) who contributes the most points in the 2009 – 2010 contest-year to the club’s credit is the CTRI Contest Group Champion. A champion will be recognized in the High Power, Low Power, and QRP categories in accordance with the specific rules which follow. Authorization for this program was by club vote at its May 23, 2009, meeting.

2. Scoring:

A] An individual’s submitted score will be used for “keeping score.” If at the end of the contest year there is a very close race for determining champion, then the official published scores will be used.

B] The score must be submitted to the sponsor for CTRI credit.

C] To be eligible for a champion award, at least 25% of the contests (see list) must have a submitted entry.

D] If a club member submits scores in different categories (HP, LP, QRP), his category for champion will be the highest power used unless at least 25% are in a single lower power category.

E] A member participating in a multi-operator effort gets individual credit as follows: total score divided by number of operators.

F] After each contest, a member gets credit by either posting his score on the CTRI Yahoo reflector or submitting the score to: scores09-10 [AT]cox[DOT]net

A running tally sheet will be posted on the reflector periodically so that members can see individual progress and standings.

3. Contest season: The yearly contest season runs from September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2010. The following contests which have a club competition component count for champion credit:

Sep: ARRL September VHF QSO Party

CQ WW RTTY Contest

Oct: CQ WW SSB DX Contest

Nov: ARRL Sweepstakes CW

ARRL Sweepstakes Phone

CQ WW DX CW Contest

Dec: ARRL 160 Meter Contest

ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Jan: ARRL RTTY Roundup

ARRL VHF Sweepstakes

CQ WW CW 160 Meter Contest

Feb: CQ WPX RTTY Contest

ARRL CW DX Contest

CQ SSB 160 Meter Contest

Mar: ARRL SSB DX Contest

Russian DX Contest


May: New England QSO Party

CQ WW CW WPX Contest

Jun: ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Jul: CQ WW VHF Contest

4. Awards: A suitable plaque will be awarded in each of the three categories in which there are qualified entries. The plaque will indicate champions in memorium of all past CTRI Contest Group members whose keys now remain silent (SK).

5. Resolution: In the event of any dispute over the results of this program, a panel of three members selected by the President shall review the matter with its decision final.

6. Sunset: This club champion program expires at the conclusion of the 2009 – 2010 contest season. At that time its effect on club competition scores and member likes and dislikes will be evaluated. Its continuation in this or modified form requires formal club action.

7. Errors or Omissions: In codifying these rules, any obvious errors or omissions may be corrected.

About CTRI Contest Group
About CTRI Contest Group avatar

The CTRI Contest Group is an ARRL affiliated club. When the club was first started it was located in southeastern Connecticut and southern Rhode Island however over the years it has gained members from all over New England. As our name implies, we are specifically interested in contesting.

The club was started back in 1992 as a project to setup a station where club members and other amateurs from around the area could go and operate. Being that the major players in the group were all into contesting, the station started to take shape as just that, a place to contest from, along with an open door policy for anyone that needed a place to operate during the contests, or just to work some DX.  After an eight-year run and many multi operator operations, and many new people introduced to contesting, the CTRI club station was dismantled in the year 2000. We will always be thankful to Andy KA1VMG for letting us use his property. In the eight years the club station was operating, many members bought homes and setup stations of their own. CTRI is still growing to this day and still has a open door policy at many of it’s members stations. Many members put on Multi operations from the homes and invite all interested to come join the fun.

We have sponsored a large group of students at the Dunn’s Corners Elementary School in Westerly R.I. in the SAREX program. This class which was run by Ken Chaffee, WA1QXR, ran for seven years ending in 2003. The CTRI Contest Group also runs VE test sessions headed by Joe Natale, K1JN. We also provide an annual subscription to QST magazine to a different local area school or library each year. Past schools have been: Wheeler High School in North Stonington, CT. Block Island school on New Shoreham, The Westerly library in Westerly, RI, and Cross Mills Public Library in Charlestown RI.

The Biggest project the group took on was the “2002 Grenada Computer project” and with the help of the YCCC Membership we were able to ship 12 complete computer systems and more than enough computer gear to make up another 12 systems which the kids will build themselves.
The CTRI Contest Group sponsors a number of other things, too. We provide the plaques for a number of contests throughout the contest year. Some of the past plaques were for the Rhode Island section winner of the New England States QSO Party, the CQ Worldwide DX SSB and CQ Worldwide DX CW contests in the World Single Operator, Unlimited category. Back in (2004-2005) CTRI added couple of ARRL contests to the list and continues to support many contest Plaques.

CTRI members have made the trip to DX locations to operate during some of the big four contests, CQWW DX Phone, CQWW WPX Phone. These trips started with Grenada in 2002 operating as J3A, Bermuda in 2002 as VP9I and in 2004 operating as NP3U at the “Mi Casita” Contest Station in Puerto Rico. Member also headed back to Bermuda in the fall of 2005 to operate during the CQWW WPX Phone contest once again using the Call VP9I. In 2007 eight members traveled back to Puerto Rico for the CQWW WPX Phone operating once again at the “Mi Casita” contest station of Carlos WP4U in a Multi-2 operations that ended up with the guys putting over 6000 Q’s in the log and over 23 Million points. In the year 2008 members traveled back to Puerto Rico to operate in the CQWW WPX RTTY where they beat last years record by over 7 million points. The group put just under 15 million points in the log with 14,905,00 points and holds to this day the World record and North American record.

If you have any questions regarding the CTRI Contest Group operations and/or membership please contact any of the officers or drop a general e-mail to wa1rr

Minutes of May 23, 2009
Minutes of May 23, 2009 avatar

Minute for Meeting May 23, 2009

Crandall House, Hopkinton RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:13 am by President John W1AN.

Committee Reports


The minutes were read and accepted. Moved: Ken K3IU Second: Jim KS1J


The Treasurer was unable to attend.


Two guests were elected members: Bill W1WBB, Portsmouth, licensed 30 years, a contester (member of YCCC), Top Bander; Chris KA1ZEU, Charlestown, licensed in the mid ‘80s, ARES, Flex 5000. Both were recruited by W1XX. The requirement for written applications was waived, there being no application forms available. Moved: Jim W1AN, Second: John W1XX.


The president reported on electronic committee meetings to resolve the issues of an intra-club contest and the K1GOX memorial. A written report (attached) was circulated and adopted. Moved: Ken K3IU, Second: Jim KS1J. There followed a motion to disband the intra-club competition committee which passed. Moved: John W1XX, Second: Ken K3IU.

A plaque for the 2008 NEQSO Party xxxxxxx, and the June VHF QSO Party 220 MHz CT Section Low Power AM went to John W1AN.

A discussion of the whereabouts of older club awards ensued with a determination that they are in a box transferred from president to president.

Field Day

A signup sheet was circulated to collect who was bringing what. The list will be posted on the reflector. The field has been reserved and the town will be providing the generator. Campers on Friday through Sunday are OK. Matt will bring his camper and logging computers. Dan Roy will do PR. John will bring the new club enclosure, antenna masts, etc. After a slow start things seem to be coming together.


It was mentioned that Bob KB1LN needs a merit badge counselor for some scouts in Charlestown later this year. Ed W1PN said he could probably do that.

The Ham COW will attend the meeting on September 12.

Antenna work

Jim KG1J: some help taking down ???

John W1AN: take down verticals put up 40M beam

Norm NR1H: some VHF refurb plus erecting 6M beam

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:30.

Respectfully submitted.

Ed Haskell, K5RJI


Minutes of March 21, 2009
Minutes of March 21, 2009 avatar

Minute for Meeting March 21, 2009

Crandall House, Hopkinton RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:10 am by President John W1AN.

Committee Reports


The minutes were read and accepted with minor changes.


The Treasurer indicated a balance of $1182.11 in the treasury. Income was $185.00 for the Post Holiday Party reservations. Disbursements were $574.01 for Gregg’s Restaurant and the Post Holiday Party, $60 for Single Op RI CQ WPX plaque, $50 for a donation to the American Heart Association in memory of Ernie Piche N1SW, $100 for a donation to the ARRL Education Fund in memory of Ernie Piche N1SW. The report was unanimously accepted.


John W1AN mentioned that it would be good to bring in new members. The group commented that new members would help to add to the fun, add points for contesting and add to our antenna crew.


Ken K3IU gave a thorough report on the CQWW WPX RTTY operation at NP3U. Additional comments were made by John W1AN. The claimed score was 10,418,000 for the M2 operation with John W1AN, Ken K3IU, Bill N1HRA, Jay AJ1M, Carlos WP4U and Carlos WP4N as operators.

New Business

Intraclub Contest

Dean N1SXL made a motion which was amended and seconded to have the Intraclub Contest Committee meet and put together a proposal for the May meeting to make the K1GOX DX Marathon the group’s Intraclub competition. There was extensive discussion in favor. Chuck KA1CQR discussed the existing rules and indicated that it should be a simple process to adapt the scoring program to changes contemplated. There was disappointment from members that there had been no action by the Intraclub competition committee.

Field Day

The topic of Field Day was brought up. Member expressed great interest in participation, but there was little interest in manning a committee to make it happen. It was decided by consensus that if there were insufficient volunteers to chair and take operations responsibility we would pass on this year’s field day. Bill N1HRA will start the paperwork to reserve Crandall field in April once we are confident we can adequately manage the operation. John W1AN agreed to solicit for the major responsibilities on yahoo groups. The decision point on this is early to mid-April so if you are interesting in volunteering for one of the required tasks please don’t wait.

N1SW call

Bill N1HRA asked if the group was interested in getting Ernie Pichies N1SW call for the club. He indicated that Ernie’s family would need to approve, and Ed K5RJI offered to prepare the paperwork. The group agreed unanimously that this should be pursued.


It was mentioned that John KO1H needs some antenna work done.

Pat NG1G gave an update on the activity to inventory Ernie’s radio equipment. He indicated that a basic inventory will be presented to Amy, Ernie’s daughter with some options on how the equipment could be sold. The family will make the final decision. It was again stated that this was not a CTRI group function.

It was mentioned that a contesting operations discussion was to follow the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:15.

Respectfully submitted.

Ed Haskell, K5RJI


How to post officer reports
How to post officer reports avatar

The site has been set up to present officer reports in an easy to find way for the members. If you follow these steps everything will work well:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select Posts > Add New
  2. Type in the Title of your post, e.g., Minutes of July 24, 2010
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    2. Then position the cursor in the Add New Post edit input box.
    3. Now look in the second line of icons above where you placed the cursor (if you only see one line then go to the right end of that line and you will see an icon that looks like three lines of tiny icons, click it (it is called kitchen sink)) for the icon that looks like a clipboard with a blue W in a box. Click this and another box opens.
    4. Place your cursor in this box and press CTL-V to paste the text copied from WORD.
    5. Press Insert and the text will be inserted into the Post edit box preserving the formatting from Word.

If you are typing your report directly into the Post edit box you can, obviously, ignore all those steps. The choice is yours.

Now scroll down to “author” and choose your call.

Go on down to “Categores” and choose “Columns”.

Continue down to “Post Tags”, press “Choose from the most used tags” and choose your office from the list.

Now scroll back up to the blue “Publish” button. Press it and your report is made available to the members.

Minutes of July 24, 2010
Minutes of July 24, 2010 avatar

Crandall House, Ashaway, RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:25 am by president John W1AN

Members present: K3IU, W1AN, W1XX, N1HRA, NG1G, W1PN

This was a Boxboro planning meeting. The usual order of business was suspended by acclimation. The minutes are being published very early as they contain information of importance about the convention. There will also be several emails from various attendees over the next several days that members should note well, so keep an eye on the reflector mailings.


In two past meetings there have been informal discussions about the club sponsoring a commemorative radio telegraph key as a door prize at the Convention Contesting Dinner on Friday evening. A half dozen or so members have said they were willing to contribute to this prize. Please contact Pat NG1G asap with your plans so a determination may be made whether to continue with this idea.

The decision last meeting not to do the raffle was raised for reconsideration and no voices were heard in favor of changing that decision. There will be no raffle.

This leads to the question, then, of the need to have and man a booth in the vendors’ hall this year. Pat NG1G will inform the convention manager that we will operate from our “booth” in the flea market and will not require space inside.

The raffle decision requires us to find a way to make up the revenue loss. It is important that all of us go through our shacks and set aside items for the flea market. Our presence there will be much more prominent than in past years. We have five spaces reserved, will have a covered area, a banner across the front, the remaining equipment from Ernie’s estate, a number of high value items, etc. The more the better. The club asks for a contribution of ten percent, or more, for handling the sale of flea market items. Look for special emails about this subject.

There will be a checklist of food items needed for the hospitality room. Please sign up. It will be on the yahoo group site.

John, W1AN, is planning to order hats in time for the convention. Watch the reflector traffic for details.

A work schedule for members will be prepared in advance of the convention.

We will probably hold an informal meeting close to the Convention start date to make sure everything is handled. Bill N1HRA volunteered a pool party. More information as it develops.

Old Business

There was one quick item of old business. Last month there was a motion that the executive committee review plaques and recommend how to continue. There is a recommendation on the reflector.

Meeting adjourned at about 2:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Haskell, W1PN, Secretary

Minutes of January 23, 2010
Minutes of January 23, 2010 avatar

Crandall House, Ashaway, RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:15 am by president John W1AN

Members in attendance: NG1G, N1SXL, KA1BNO, NR1H, W1WBB, KA1GEU, KW2G, W1XX, K3IU, W1AN, W1PN

Guests in attendance:


Dan KA1KNO will bring food for the February meeting. John W1AN will bring coffee.

Committee & Officer Reports

Secretary, Ed Haskell W1PN

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as corrected (Food for November was provided by Jim KS1J and Jeff K1NEF). Moved by NG1G/Seconded by K3IU

Treasurer, Dan Roy KA1BNO

Plaques for the following contests were paid for per SOP: ARRL DX PL #181; ARRL RTTY RoundUp #31; November SS #104.

Moved (K3IU) and Seconded (N1SXL) that club spend $65 for CQ WW WPX RTTY. Passed

Note: If a club member is qualified to a plaque that has gone unsponsored the club will pay for that paque.

Current balance in the treasury is $882.11.

Report accepted (NG1G/N1SXL)

Education Committee

There will be an upcoming Technician class. An outline is in development, complicated slightly by the impending change in the question pool (June).


NG1G reviewing what we have done in the past will reach out to other New England clubs for participation this year. It will be attempted to reserve Suite 114 again.


WiWBB will work on logo suitable for hats, jackets, t-shirts, etc.


Dean has located lodging. Several members present expressed a strong interest in going (W1AN, W1XX, N1SXL).

Business Meeting adjourned at 12:06pm


Dean, N1SXL, gave a really nice multimedia presentation on the N1MM Contest Logger program. A CD containing presentation notes, a copy of the program, etc., was handed out to those desiring one.

Meeting adjourned at about 1:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Haskell, W1PN, Secretary

Minutes of May 8, 2010
Minutes of May 8, 2010 avatar

Crandall House, Ashaway, RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:25 am by president John W1AN

Members in attendance: NG1G, KA1GEU, KA1VMG, K1DM, KS1J, W1XX, W1AN, W1PN

Committee & Officer Reports

Contest Manager

Championship Standing

HiPwr 1st place W1AN 3.8M , 2nd place K3IU 3.7M

LoPwr 1st place KS1J 1.7M, 2nd place W1WBB 1.5M

QRP 1st place W1IG 92K

The NEQP had pretty good club participation but needs more next year. This report started a ragchew about “just wait ’till next year ….”


There was a wide ranging discussion of whether and how to manage the swap meet.

W1AN reserved two poolside rooms at Boxboro convention hotel as no suites were available. One could be used for sleeping and one as a hospitality room if hotel will make furniture alterations. A total of six or seven people could sleep in the two rooms.

Jim KS1J posed the question: “Should the club expend so much effort, either for our own benefit (hospitality suite, info table, raffle sales) or for the convention’s (parking direction, etc.).” After some discussion it seemed to be th consensus that we should.

Pat NG1G commented that the convention gets smaller every biennial and through it all CTRI CG has participated more than any other organization. We should continue.

W1AN will converse with hotel about arranging facilities in the rooms.

NG1G will coordinate volunteers

Moved (W1XX/K1DM) Contingent upon finding a volunteer to handle the raffle that no more than $300 from the treasury be allocated to raffle items. Passed without dissent.

Other topics

No word on a club logo update.

A committee was formed (NG1G, K1DM, W1AN) to study the desirability of a club station at the US Coast Guard Academy or other venue and report at a future meeting.

Meeting adjourned at about 1:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Haskell, W1PN, Secretary

Minutes of December 5, 2009
Minutes of December 5, 2009 avatar

Crandall House, Ashaway, RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:13 am by president John W1AN

Members in attendance:

Guests in attendance: Don Watson KW2G

Committee & Officer Reports


Minutes of the previous meeting are on the reflector.


This was the first meeting under the new format of abbreviated business items with the focus to be on a topic or topics of interest with a prepared talk, demonstration, or moderated discussion. John W1XX led a very long and quite enlightening discussion on contesting. He was prepared with examples of operating aids, techniques, operating strategies, etc., which stimulated all in attendance to offer many of their own ideas. It was a rewarding experience for the dozen of us who participated.

At the conclusion a number of members spoke up with ideas for future topics and several volunteered to give talks, demonstrations, etc.

Lunch was served which enhanced the camaraderie and made it possible for the meeting to last longer without hunger hastening adjournment. John, W1AN provided most of the fixings for lunch this time. It is hoped that others will step forward to handle this for future meetings.

All seemed to feel that this was a very good meeting format and that we got more out of it than was the case with the previous approach. It was noted, however, that we still have to conduct some ‘business’. A process for handling that is being developed so all who wish to may be involved, while preserving most of the meeting time to topics which advance the art or are for the good of the order.

Meeting adjourned at about 1:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Haskell, W1PN, Secretary

Minutes of June 5, 2010
Minutes of June 5, 2010 avatar

Crandall House, Ashaway, RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:15 am by president John W1AN

W1XX hosted meeting and cooked lunch

Committee & Officer Reports

Contest Manager

Championship Standing

Remarkable reversal since last report:

HiPwr 1st place , K3IU 4.4M 2nd place W1AN 3.8M

LoPwr 1st place W1WBB 2.3M, 2nd place KS1J 2.1M

QRP 1st place W1IG 231K

What a fleeting thing is fame.


W1AN has arranged rooms as described last meeting.

“W1AN reserved two poolside rooms at Boxboro convention hotel as no suites were available. One could be used for sleeping and one as a hospitality room if hotel will make furniture alterations. A total of six or seven people could sleep in the two rooms.”NG1G has been attempting to contact Mike Raisbeck without success to determine whether our services are needed. (Secy note: A week later at the Division Managers cabinet meeting Mike said volunteer help was well in hand.)”

W1PN will supply a booth tent.

Power by generator as convention hookup is too expensive.

It would be useful if members would list their swapmeet equipment on the website.

A work schedule for members will be prepared in advance of the convention.

Old Business

Last meeting it was decided Contingent upon finding a volunteer to handle the raffle that no more than $300 from the treasury be allocated to raffle items. No member came forward so the raffle will not be held.

New Business

Moved (W1XX/NG1G) that executive committee review plaques and recommend how to continue.

Meeting adjourned at about 12:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Haskell, W1PN, Secretary

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